La jour de xmas

Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   2 dec 2012 17:17   by The Wiktor Diet
Spent yesterday afternoon/evening/night at my friend Cornelia's lovely, xmas decorated place. It's just a bloody fucking hazard to get there. No matter how clearly and accurately i try to pronounce the station of where i'm going, they not-always-fluent-in-swedish bus drivers tend to...well not understand me. Not that swedish people always get what i say. I kinda..or well, rather hardcorly(?) mix accents and languages.
No harm done though, i finally got there(after walking 4 extra blocks) and had a marvelous evening with friends Sugary xmas food. I look ca 8,5 month pregnant atm. Hope they'll let me board the flight. Leaving for Stockholm in 20 min.

Oh btw, look what i did(above picture) Mona Soy Lisa!
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